Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why bother?

A package arrived today, with the goods inside wrapped in that nifty invention of the modern world: BUBBLE WRAP.

Ahhhh, but look closely, grasshopper. You'll see from the photo that all is not right in Bubble Wrap Land. Bubbles are there; yes, they are.


Press one bubble and the air squirts out through the little connecto-channel to the adjacent bubble. Probably makes for better cushioning - no popped bubble, no areas of potential damage risk - but what the heck! One of life's little pleasures is squeezing until you get that lovely little popsnap.

Makes a lovely pattern, tho', doesn't it?

For a virtual simulation:


  1. oh no ! this can not be ! unpoppable ! what's this world coming to?
    fun link.
    I found that link a few months ago and saved it's shortcut to my sad is that?

  2. I think that's sooooo sad...that you can't pop them! I better start saving up my bubble wrap...for those little 'stressful' moments!

  3. EEEEKKK - no popping? What's this world coming to?!?

  4. When I saw this, I just had to respond because I just learned about this new type of bubble wrap a few weeks ago...on...Modern Marvels!

    So here's the deal - Bubble Wrap take up a huge amount of space and shipping it's actually quite expensive - think about how much bubble wrap you can fit in an 18 wheeler container - a lot, but not enough to handle a single hour of shipping at Amazon...

    So the bubble wrap people created this new thing - you buy a machine and you buy the bubble wrap "film" and you fill the bubble yourself to create 'make as you go' bubble wrap - unfortunately, it creates this new - connected cell, unpoppable wrap.

    There you have it...and yes, Lone and stART I agree - tooooooo sad!