Monday, May 7, 2012

Will we go 'round in circles?

Simple enough: put the little wheel inside the bigger wheel and put the pen in one of the holes. Start moving the little wheel around inside the big wheel and most important of all: STOP THINKING TOO MUCH!

I loved my spiro-toy then; I love it today. But, it sometimes IS a love-hate kinda deal. When I relax and deliberately focus on letting the wheel guide me, I get great results! When I think I know where to PUSH the pen, not so much.

Sound like anything else we know? When I follow my pen, I get better results! When I push it, not so much. And this is a lesson I learned all over again in working on my first Zendalas. Focus on the space, on following the pen... not on thinking how to push the pen where I think it needs to go!

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