Friday, December 16, 2011

Can you be both BLING and ZEN at the same time?

After MUCH experimentation, I have finally - FINALLY - achieved glass Zentangle-inspired jewelry. You do not want to know how many pieces of glass were sacrificed in pursuit of this endeavor.

At last, I'm pleased to make the collection available to the discerning Zentangle enthusiast!

I've made one collection that will appeal to the tile makers: larger squares, designed to look like the traditional "Z" string tile. The glass tile is strung on a 22" inch, double silken cord with a hypoallergenic clasp. You can see the individual designs on the Fused Glass page. Each one is $35 (US), plus shipping (which domestically will by $4.95 for priority flat rate).

I've made a collection of smaller pieces, with individual elements on each pendant, reminiscent of "rain," "printemps," and "pokeleaf." These pendants are suspended on 22" hypoallergenic chains. You can see those individual designs on the Fused Glass page as well. Each one is $25 US, plus shipping.

If you would like to order one of these necklaces, send me an email and we'll use the fine services of the PayPal organization to complete the transaction.