Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

  • Say yes to one and leave the other behind? Oh, did you ever have to make up your mind? (Cue Lovin' Spoonful tune...)

    I, like so many others, LOVE the idea of seeing the same string in action... and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of gettin' somebody else to draw me that string! Why IS the string part so stubborn sometimes?

    ANYWAY, I used the string. I used a random list of patterns. I tangled. Hmmmm. The last pattern I drew was Pokeleaf. Here's the tile before being "leafed." I just can't decide if it "needs" to have that additional pattern.

    The Arthur William Radford quote - "Half of art is knowing when to stop" - is running around in my brain!

    BTW, I use, which has a nifty utility for randomizing a list of words, to act as a gigantic icosahedron.

Friday, May 20, 2011

From the TeeZeeTee Research Laboratories..

Problem definition:
  • You want to have tangling supplies available wherever you are, whenever you need them.
  • Taking a full kit along with you, while it gets you points for dedication, is a little awkward.
  • Putting your beautiful tiles in a plastic bag gets you negative points for style.
What's a Zentangle artist to do?
I wondered the same thing myself when I realized (pause for head slap here!) that I own a sewing machine, I know how to sew, I can design things, I can make things...
And voila! The Travel Portfolio sprang into existence!
Whatcha got here is a durable duck outside (in a color suitable for tangles made with a fabric pen) and an inner flap/pocket/dohickey that's exactly the right size for a small grilled cheese sandwich or a stack of 13 tiles (13 is a Fibonacci number, btw) and a pencil, plus two on-board elastic straps for keeping your pens from wandering off.
The sample you see here is only one of several lining options. I'm selling the Travel Portfolio, fully stocked (with a .01 pen and a Graphic 1 pen) for $19 (usd) plus shipping (domestic rates are $4.95 flat rate).
I'm working on setting up the e-commerce site now, but if you're interested in the Travel Portfolio, email me and we'll set up a shipment. I've road-tested these for a while now, and they are durable and attractive! Fun stuff! Check out the Travel Portfolio Options page for color choices.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lucky Draw

A.W., participant in the Zentangle class at the Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society Writes of Spring event, was selected to receive a framed Zentangle.
I love the box I found to send it in!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I went to a garden party...

My lovely friends at Elfant Wissahickon Realtors (Looking for a realtor? They are top notch: an unsolicited testimonial!) invited me to participate in the Chestnut Hill Garden Festival a weekend ago, and I had a GREAT time sharing Zentangle with folks who stopped by the booth.

In between passages of the Tiny Tot Trolley - rumble, rumble, rumble - I talked about Zentangle, showed off some artwork, and demonstrated some patterns.

And, I was captured on video! I'd like you all to imagine that the camera added about 10 (times 3) pounds, as it always does, and that the videographer had the "let's make Terri look sunburned" app loaded on his iPhone video camera, shall we? After all, what's a little "polite fiction" between friends?

Here's the link to the video:

Also of note: I've updated the class schedule. I'd love to see you at an upcoming class!