Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not the FULL Picture

Laura, our well-loved DIVA, challenges once again! This time, it's draw with your non-dominant hand. I have to tell you: I totally love this one. I often do an exercise in my Creative Thinking classes that pairs people up and requires each partner to draw the other partner, using the non-dom hand. Similar "rules" apply: pen only, no eraser, just draw!

So, I embarked on my tile, string first. A little wobbly, but not so bad.

The tile turned out pretty well, too.

I found that I was holding my non-dom (for me, the left) hand still and moving the tile a lot more (lesson one: move the tile!)

I had to move slowly and deliberately, guiding the pen through each stroke (lesson two: duh!)

I made Crescent Moon first, as that's the pattern I generally teach first but decided to take a "risk" and include Betweed, which requires concentration (for me) and Trentwith, a tangle of my own, just to develop some more mastery over it (lesson three: don't be scared!)

I found that shading was the hardest part, as I couldn't quite get the pencil to "behave itself" (lesson four: let the tangle happen!)

Now, here's the REAL story. What the string can't show and the tile doesn't show is the amount of effort, concentration, and work (in a way) this tile was. What DOES show that is the following photo, of the nib of a brand new pen. Not so new, now.


  1. A little heavy handed there? My tip was about that bad by the end too. But your tangle looks fine!

  2. Your poor pen! but it was worth it your tangle is great no sign at all of it being your non dom lessons well learnt here XOXO Zoe

  3. lol, that's too funny (the pen nib!!) what a humorous mind you have!! excellent narrative and result on your tangle, thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. You did really good with your other hand! Love the pic of the pen nib, LOL! Unfortunately, I have several that look like that. :(