Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Thing a Day - Brave Undertaking

I'm not veering off the path of Zentangle too far... I love it too much! But, every now and again, it's nice to try something new. So, I signed up for "Thing A Day 2011." Like many other "things-a-day" efforts, participants are encouraged by others to post something handmade each day. Unlike other efforts, this one runs for February only! (Smart move: the shortest month!)

I actually used to post a "Daily Notion," and I miss that quite a bit. So, I'm thinking this effort might push me back in that direction.

For my TAD-2011 project, I'm creating an "Odd Fellow" every day. I'm not sure if it's possible to read the explanation in the screen clip I have here, so I will explain. I'm the Creative Designer for a local library's YA Summer Program. A few years ago, I wanted the participants to create self-portraits that were collaged, jointed figures. I cut about a bazillion little bits from magazines and catalogs... all aimed at getting the kids to make figures from abstract shapes. Well! The kids grabbed all the "ready made" faces and other body parts, and I was left with a giant box of clippings! Now's the time to use them! (some of them, anyway!)

After TAD is over, I plan to photograph the fellows and participate in the Million Little Pictures project.

You can read about Thing-a-Day 2011 here.
You can read about A Million Little Pictures here.

AND, how cool is this?!?!? Just as I went back to the Thing-a-Day blog, someone else posted her contribution: A ZENTANGLE. So neat, this synchronicity thing.

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