Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breathing... breathing...

Themes arise, don't they?

First, there was Laura's challenge of the week: Breathe....

(Well, actually, there was something before that, which I will get to in a second.)

Then, I noticed the pattern on my wash cloth.

I've been thinking a lot about my alveoli... which brings me to the thing before Laura's challenge: my current bout of pneumonia...

And I noticed that Samson looks a lot like alveoli, and so does my wash cloth, and I need to remember to breathe to expand my poor plugged up alveoli. So, here's my response to both challenges... Breathe and BREATHE! The big empty space in the middle reminds me to OPEN UP and let the air in!


  1. This week's challenge has a lot of significance for you. Sorry you have pneumonia. Not being able to breathe's scary. hope you get well SOON!

  2. Hope drawing this zentangle helped center you, and you'll remember to keep breathing. May you be well soon!

  3. A magnificent tile! May your poor alveoli clear and provide you relief quickly!

  4. A very special tile, Terri. Sending you 'breathe well and full' thoughts across the ocean.

  5. What a great tile! I want to take a deep breath FOR you! Get well soon.