Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Challenge me, willya? THANKS!

Laura Harms, C-ZED-T from Saskatoon, is posting a weekly challenge on her blog, I am the diva. The blog can be found here:

This week's challenge (Week #2) is to use a "double-pencil" string. I found I had done this before knowing I had.

Here's my response to the challenge.


  1. Gorgeous! The effect of static and moving elements is great as they increase each other.

  2. wow...what an effective piece! ditto on what Phine said :)

  3. Oh, this is beautiful, so pleasing! You defined the edge of the string with a darker line and I really like the effect.

  4. I love the elegance of this tangle. It's compelling! And your profile is equally intriguing - are there more of me/us out there after all?....