Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Like a beaker!

I'm graduated!

So, here I am with my initial post on my new blog touting my latest pursuit: Zentangle Instruction. I've got an official diploma and everything!

I'm actually pretty excited about teaching this art form. I've already got two classes in the works for Autumn, with more to come. (That's certainly the plan!)

If you are interested in learning more, please email me. Stay tuned to this blog for more details about my classes and a few random other thoughts as well. You can check out the official Zentangle site at You'll even see my name in the list of Certified Zentangle Teachers.


  1. Terri, Congrats on your new blog. I particularly like the name. :-) I love the zentangles you have posted. Your use of white space is amazing. ~Diane, CZT class #3

  2. congrats on the new blog!!


    from Laura in Canada!

  3. Hi Terri, congratulations for becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher and your new blog. You have a really lovely style in creating your Zentangles. I love the way you can endlessly amuse yourself. Happy tangling!