Zentangle House Parties

When you've burped all the Tupper in sight...
Your house is glowing with soft Party Lite...
You can't move an inch without royal Crystal a-chiming...
And your Chef is all Pampered with gadgets for dining...

It's time to take pen in hand and relax for a while
and create your first (of many) Zentangle tile!

Zentangle House Parties are a great way to have some fun, exercise your creativity, and enjoy the company of your friends.

Here are the particulars:
  • Cost per attendee: $35 (includes a mini-kit with all supplies needed)
  • Party length: Ninety minutes
  • Required minimum: Four people
  • Maximum attendees: Twelve people
  • Party host receives a special gift with six paid attendees and a super-special gift with twelve paid attendees.
  • Attendance fee due in advance.
To book a Zentangle House Party, email teezeetee@comcast.net.